Reed Related Accessories

  • Hylands In-Line Drone Valves

    Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently. The valves fit quickly and easily into the tubes of some moisture control systems...

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  • McCallum Chanter Reed Protector

    The McCallum Chanter Reed Protector is used to protect the pipe chanter reed when you remove the pipe chanter from the bagpipe after playing. By using the McCallum Chanter Reed Protector, the reed is protected and will not absorb moisture from the...

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  • Pipe Chanter Reed Block

    The Pipe Chanter Reed Block is designed to make your cane pipe reeds easier to play. The middle section is designed for ridge-cut reeds with the outer two sections set to accommodate a straight cut reed. Patched to the side of the Reed Block is a find...

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  • Pipers Pal Reed Storage Case

    The Pipers Pal Reed Storage Case is a pipe chanter reed case with moisture control.This reed box holds 4 chanter reeds in a durable case that absorbs moisture when reeds are wet and provides moisture to the reeds when they are dry.Your reeds;- Will...

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  • Moose Camlock Reed Protector

    Moose camlock reed protector The Moose Camlock Reed Protector fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp. Allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage the...

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  • Pro Flow Drone Valves

    To improve your starts and stops along with the efficiency and steadiness of your playing, Pro Flow drone valves are a must. These valves are well designed and are easy to adjust by turning the screw. When adjusted to the correct setting, the valves will...

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  • Adjustable Drone Stock Plugs

    Adjustable Drone Plugs install in the bottom of your drone stocks and help provide greater control of your starts and stops. They are easy to adjust to different strengths by turning the screw and also fit the Ross Canister System.

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  • Shepherd Tone Enhancers

    The Shepherd Tone Enhancers are inserted in the base of the drone stocks and contain a desiccant which prevents excess moisture from reaching the drone reeds.     A zipper access pipe bag is required for installation (Cannot be used with...

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