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Reed Related Accessories

  • Bagpipe Chanter Reed Strength Tester

    The Bagpipe Chanter Reed Strength Tester is a great tool for any piper. This tester will help you determine the strength of the pipe chanter reed that you are playing. When you have a reed that is a comfortable strength for you, simply use the...

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  • Moose Camlock Reed Protector

    Moose camlock reed protector The Moose Camlock Reed Protector fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp. Allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage the...

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  • Chanter Reed Protector

    A Chanter Reed Protector is used to protect the reed when you remove the pipe chanter from the bagpipe after playing. By using a Chanter Reed Protector the reed is protected from being dinged and will not be left in the bagpipe absorbing moisture from...

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  • Pro Flow Drone Valves

    To improve your starts and stops along with the efficiency and steadiness of your playing, Pro Flow drone valves are a must. These valves are well designed and are easy to adjust by turning the screw. When adjusted to the correct setting, the valves will...

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  • Adjustable Drone Stock Plugs

    Adjustable Drone Plugs install in the bottom of your drone stocks and help provide greater control of your starts and stops. They are easy to adjust to different strengths by turning the screw and also fit the Ross Canister System.

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  • Drone Reed Extenders

    Drone Reed Extenders

    Drone Reed Extenders are excellent for use in higher pitched drones, and especially when using a "Bb" or concert "A" chanter. They lower the pitch of the reed by effectively extending the length of the drone bore, allowing the drones to tune down on the...

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  • Drone Top Extenders

    Drone Top Extenders will lower the pitch of your drones allowing you to easily obtain a concert pitch of 440Hz, without having to swap your drone reeds for a lower pitch. The drone bush at the top of your drone varies greatly between manufacturers; You...

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  • Piper's Pal Reed Storage Case

    The Piper's Pal Reed Storage Case holds 4 chanter reeds in a durable case that absorbs moisture when reeds are wet and provides moisture to the reeds when they are dry.Your reeds- Will always be ready to play- Will stabilize quickly and remain stable...

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  • Pipe Chanter Reed Case

    The Pipe Chanter Reed Case holds 5 Pipe Chanter Reeds. The package will conveniently fit in a shirt pocket, or sporran. Below the insert that holds the reeds, is a moisture strip that you can add water to, this will help keep the reeds from drying out...

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  • Piper's Pal Recharge Kits

    Recharging of the humidity control system is recommended annually to keep your Piper's Pal in optimal condition.Available for: Piper's Pal Reed Protector, Piper's Pal Reed Storage Case.

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