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Bagpipe Drone Reeds

Surprises are always welcome on special occasions, but never when a Bagpipe goes to your shoulder, that's why Iowa Bagpipe Supply offers a large selection of the finest Bagpipe Drone Reeds available. Our cane drone reeds are hand crafted, using traditional methods and are sourced from the very best reed makers on the planet, who use only the finest quality cane. The synthetic drone reed selection utilizes man made materials to ensure richness of tone, stability of sound and dependability.

  • Balance Tone Drone Reeds (New Style)

    If you want reeds that can be trusted to strike in without effort, then Balance Tone New Style Drone Reeds are for you. These unique drone reeds come ready to play. Depending on the drone characteristics and the actual blowing strength of your pipe,...

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  • Canning Blue Carbon Fiber Tongue Drone Reeds

    Canning Blue Carbon Fiber Tongue Drone Reeds

    The Canning Blue Carbon Fiber Tongue Drone Reed is made using a new body material that provides increased vibrancy and brightness.  Volume is also slightly increased in most sets of pipes.  The reed body does not absorb any moisture so can be...

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  • Canning Drone Reeds with Carbon Fiber Bass

    Canning Drone Reeds with Carbon Fiber Bass

    This is the original Canning Drone reeds first launched in 2006 and played by pipers and pipe bands worldwide. The carbon fibre bass reed produces a deep, strong bass tone and is extremely steady. It comes fitted with a flat silicone bridle for accurate...

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  • Canning Drone Reeds with Polycarbonate Bass

    Canning Drone Reeds with Polycarbonate Bass - The combination of polycarbonate bass and tenors produces a blended tone that adds a warmth to your pipes. They are extremely stable in even the wettest conditions.This set comes complete with the standard...

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  • Crozier V2 Carbon Fiber Drone Reeds

    Crozier V2 Carbon Drone Reeds are made in Australia. They are being used by many of the top bands today. Featuring a plastic body with carbon fiber tongues, this is a very stable reed that produces an excellent cane like tonal quality, with a big full...

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  • Ezeedrone Drone Reeds with Inverted Bass

    Ezeedrone Drone Reeds with Inverted Bass are designed to produce a rich tone and wonderful harmonics. The Inverted Bass allows for an even deeper sound, easy strike in's and can reduce the air volume required. These reeds are pre-adjusted and are quite...

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  • Ezeedrone Increased Absorption Drone Reeds

    Ezeedrone Drone reeds with increased absorption. Contains 1 inverted bass and 2 tenor drone reeds. The material used for these reeds has been designed to absorb more moisture while maintaining the stability and tonal qualities associated with standard...

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  • Ezeedrone Low Pitch Drone Reeds

    The Ezeedrone Low Pitch Drone Reed set includes 2 long tenors and a long bass reed for an overall lower pitch, which is helpful when you play with a lower-pitched specialty pipe chanter, like a 466 B Flat or 440 A pipe chanter...

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  • Ezeedrone Standard Drone Reeds

    The Ezeedrone Standard Drone Reed Set have for many years set the Standard for synthetic drone reeds. More reliable than cane with less susceptibility to moisture and climate and designed to produce a rich tone with wonderful harmonics. Ezeedrone Drone...

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  • Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds

    The Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds are the first drone reed to incorporate a patented bendable tongue into the design. This unique feature allows the piper to adjust the strength of the drone reed without the use of the bridle. This is important since it...

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