Pipers Choice Smallpipe

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With their amazing sound, affordable prices, compact size, a minimum of maintenance, easy tuning and long reed life, the Pipers Choice Concert Small Pipes are quickly becoming one of our most popular and best selling instruments.

These delightful Concert Smallpipes were patterned after a set of 150 year old antique Bellows Blown Scottish Border Pipes, found years ago in the border region of Scotland. It quickly became evident the old pipes displayed an uncommonly beautiful tone. To keep that tradition alive and well, the drone and chanter bore specs were copied and used as the inspiration for the Piper's Choice Concert Pipes of today. They have since evolved to becoming mouth blown, then, by further customer demand, a drone configuration choice of bass, tenor, tenor or bass, baritone, tenor, along with the option of a border pipe or traditional scottish smallpipe chanter. Finally to where they are today, with the look of a mini bagpipe. 

 *For a Traditional Scottish Smallpipe sound, select the Piper's Choice Smallpipe Chanter or for a boost in volume and depth of sound, select the Pipers’ Choice Border Pipe Chanter.

  • Pipers Choice Concert SmallPipe Pipers Choice Concert SmallPipe

    Pipers Choice Concert SmallPipe

    This premium smallpipe by Pipers’ Choice is made from durable polypenco and is pitched at the concert key of A440, making it ideal for pipers to perform with other musicians. This “mini” bagpipe consists of (bass, tenor, tenor) or...

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