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Electronic Chanters

Electronic Digital Practice Chanters were developed in the 1970s to provide an authentic bagpipe sound digitally. There are many advantages to having an electronic chanter. They are considerably smaller and lighter, so you can place them into your pocket or in a backpack, and practice anytime and anywhere. The digital practice chanters create a rich and authentic sound, with features you can’t find on traditional bagpipes.

Electronic Digital Practice Chanters by Blair and Fagerstrom feature built in metronomes, adjustable pitch, Highland Bagpipe and Small Pipe sounds, depending on the model. They allow you to practice quietly and will teach you to have delicate finger control, since you do not have to close the holes but only make contact with them to create the notes.

They are perfect for learning and practicing, but have also been used professionally in bands to create the sound of the bagpipes without the bulk of the instrument.

  • Fagerstrom Electronic TechnoChanter

    Fagerstrom Electronic TechnoChanter

    The Fagerstrom Electronic Technochanter is an ideal complement to your regular practice chanter and comes complete with earphones. This way you are the only person who can hear you practice. Perfect for traveling, compact and lightweight it will easily...

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  • Fagerstrom Electronic TechnoPipe

    Fagerstrom Electronic TechnoPipe

      Fagerstrom TechnoPipe: * Highly Portable. Fits in your pocket, only (5/8" by 10") * Available in black only and includes the battery. * Uses Stereo Earphones: perfect to play on buses,trains etc., which make it deal for the...

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  • Blair Digital Chanter

    Blair Digital Chanter

    These are flying off the shelves, don't wait, order yours now! Description: The Blair Digital Chanter lets you play world-class bagpipe sounds. It has real holes, a stunning OLED screen and real bagpipe sounds. The design of the chanter is authentic...

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