Electronic Chanters

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Electronic Digital Practice Chanters were developed in the 1970s to provide an authentic bagpipe sound digitally. There are many advantages to having an electronic chanter. They are considerably smaller and lighter, so you can place them into your pocket or in a backpack, and practice anytime and anywhere without disturbing others. The digital practice chanters create a rich and authentic sound, with features you can’t find on traditional bagpipes.

Electronic Digital Practice Chanters by Blair and Fagerstrom feature built in metronomes, adjustable pitch, Highland Bagpipe and Small Pipe sounds, depending on the model. They allow you to practice quietly and will teach you to have delicate finger control, since you do not have to close the holes but only make contact with them to create the notes.

They are perfect for learning and practicing, but have also been used professionally in bands to create the sound of the bagpipes without the bulk of the instrument.

  • Blair "Ergo" Pipe Bag Blair "Ergo" Pipe Bag

    Blair "Ergo" Pipe Bag

    The Blair "Ergo" Pipe Bag is moulded from high performance memory foam, with a profile shaped to position around the rib cage, rather than into like traditional bags (see video below). The chanter is attached using a spigot (supplied with the bag) and...

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  • Blair Digital Chanter Blair Digital Chanter

    Blair Digital Chanter

    -Back in Stock- Play the world-class sound of a Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe or Practise Chanter on the Blair Digital Chanter. It turns everyday piping into an extraordinary playing experience and is packed full of features. Available...

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  • Blair BDC Air Pipe Bag

    Blair BDC Air Pipe Bag

    The BDC ‘Air’ Pipe Bag transforms your chanter into a performance bagpipe. It’s comfortable, portable and convenient for traveling. The BDC ‘Air’ Pipe Bag is inflated by a mouth blown valve placed on the rear of the bag. A...

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  • Blair Cut Off Pedal

    Blair Cut Off Pedal

    Connect output of Digital Chanter to ‘In’ of pedal, then output of Pedal to your speaker or headphones. Feature• Stereo 3.5mm audio input/ output• Durable footswitch• Heavy duty aluminum enclosure The professional way to...

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