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Real Cannabis Fiber Hemp

Posted by Ron - Iowa Bagpipe Supply on Aug 18th 2018

Welcome to my first Blog, I've been a passionate fan of the Great Highland Bagpipe for nearly four decades, I can hardly believe how quickly that time passed. I was taught by Thomas S. Coulson, a Veteran of WW2 who served and piped with the Essex Scottish Regiment of Canada, Tom passed the art of the pipes on to me, along with instruction in the British style of military drill. Learning the pipes was magic then but even more so now. It's been a fantastic adventure, the places the pipes have taken me, the amazing folks I've had the opportunity to meet and the wonderful events I've had the privilege to participate in still blows me away, a gift that just keeps giving. More can be learned about my instructor Tom, along with photos of some of my piping adventures at I'm certainly not a know all about things piping, but just a bagpiper from the midwest who has had a lifelong love for the instrument. I will from time to time be sharing my thoughts and the experiences I've had while using the various products I sell, including some tips and ideas I've learned along the way. My only hope is you will benefit and enjoy.  

Real Cannabis Fiber Hemp in two-ply 25 gram rolls is nearly the same weight, but stronger and more moisture resistant then the yellow and black linen (cloth) commonly used these days. It can be coated, as I do for my own pipes and practice chanter, with hemp wax, making it last a lot longer. Even without applying wax, Cannabis Fiber Hemp swells less than linen when wet and is notably less prone to rot, making it perfect for bagpipes and practice chanters. When hemp became illegal in the 1930s, linen was substituted. Linen is not as suitable and does not last nearly as long as Cannabis Fiber Hemp, which has had a long history of use in bagpipes.

My supplier sources his hemp from Rhomania which has longer fibers, resulting in a notably stronger and much higher quality product than previously imported from China. This hemp is peroxide bleached which does not weaken nor harm its fibers.

I've used the hemp previously imported from China for a number of years in my own pipes and practice chanter and it performed exceedingly well but the Hemp now imported from Rhomania is a notably superior product.

I'm personally sold and spoiled by this product and can't imagine ever going back to the standard yellow or black waxed or the unwaxed hemp of today. The photo is of two hemp joints, the tenor and bass on my MacLellan Clansman Edition Engraved Half Silvers, the joints look and feel exactly the same as the day I wrapped them 3.5 years ago. My Glencoe set was wrapped approx. 7 years ago, with the joints still looking and feeling the same. This product can be found in the Maintenance Products Section at Iowa Bagpipe Supply.