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Water Traps

WATER TRAPS/Moisture Control Systems

If you have an unsteady drone sound, drones shutting down, having to constantly retune your drones, or a very wet and flat pipe chanter reed after playing for a short period of time, then you should install one of our moisture control systems.

Most of us play synthetic drone reeds and a cane pipe chanter reed. Once you tune a set of synthetic drone reeds they will pretty much stay tuned. The reason you have to keep re-tuning them is not that the drone reeds have gone out of tune but rather the pipe chanter reed has changed its pitch. The pipe chanter reed being made of cane will readily absorb and shed moisture. When you play your pipes the moisture from your breath condenses inside the bag and is soaked up by the chanter reed, thus changing the reed's pitch. You then have to readjust your drones to match the new chanter pitch. If you could have your pipe chanter take on just enough moisture to give you the ideal pitch and then have it stay there, you would not have to keep retuning the drones. That's what water trap/moisture control systems are all about.

  • Moisture Tube

    The Moisture Tube creates condensation as warm air passes through the tube. Excess moisture is absorbed by a small cloth. Collecting condensation before it reaches the reeds prevents moisture problems, allowing...

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  • Trap Dri Synthetic Bottle System

    The Trap Dri Moisture Synthetic Bottle System combines the Trap Dri moisture Trap with a Bottle Water trap to increase moisture removal and control. Fits in the bottom of your blowpipe stock. A Zippered pipe bag is required.

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  • Trap Dri Moisture Control System

    The Trap Dri moisture control System was developed to prevent excess water escaping from your water trap and saturating your pipe bag, by capturing and retaining moisture in the tube to be emptied. The Trap Dri unit is fitted to your existing water...

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  • Bannatyne Dry-Flo System

    Why do I need a moisture control system? Ever hear the saying, "Keep your powder dry"? Well Pipers should have a saying, "Keep your reeds dry"! The drier you can keep your reeds the longer and steadier you can play. The Bannatyne Dry-Flo System was...

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  • Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System

    The Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System is a versatile and compact system that controls moisture going to the drone reeds and includes the Highland Reeds Drone Valves. There is a yellow tube filled with desiccant for each drone, with rubber...

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  • Bannatyne Canister System

    Bannatyne Canister System

    The Bannatyne Canister System is a lightweight dust-free design, utilizing a silica gel based Moisture Control System that removes unwanted excess moisture from synthetic pipe bags. Comes with hoses to drones and chanter. Gels can be added or removed...

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  • Ross Canister Moisture Control System

    Ross Canister Moisture Control System

    The Ross Canister Moisture Control System provides excellent moisture control through the use of drying granules. The amount of moisture getting to the reeds can be regulated by rotating the colour coded airflow rings or by adjusting the quantity of...

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  • Shepherd Tone Enhancers

    The Shepherd Tone Enhancers are inserted in the base of the drone stocks and contain a desiccant which prevents excess moisture from reaching the drone reeds.     A zipper access pipe bag is required for installation (Cannot be used with...

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  • Bannatyne Bottle Style Watertrap

    The Bannatyne Bottle Water Trap is a tube style of water trap with a bottle containing an absorbent material at the end. This water trap is easy to install into any zipper pipe bag, just hemp the end section to fit into the inside of the blowpipe stock...

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