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Tuners & Metronomes

Bagpipe tuners take the time and guesswork out of tuning the bagpipe. Metronomes produce a pulsating beat that allows the musician to internalize the beat.

  • Peterson StroboPLUS HD Tuner

    Peterson StroboPLUS HD Tuner

    Don’t let its demure palm size fool you! The Peterson StroboPlus HD Strobe Tuner is THE premier digital tuner on the market! A built-in electret condenser microphone and ¼” input jack provide excellent connectivity. Gone are the...

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  • Blair HBT3 Bagpipe Tuner

    Blair HBT3 Bagpipe Tuner

    The Blair HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner is small enough to put in your pocket or sporran, easy on batteries and features an auto-off function when not used for 5 minutes. Perfect for pipers at home to check their chanters before a gig or band practice. The Blair...

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  • Blair HBT3 Hard Case

    Blair HBT3 Hard Case

    This small hard case safely stores the Blair HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner. It’s modern, stylish and protects your tuner from bumps, scratches and dust. The HBT-3 Hard Case is a streamlined design and opens from the top with a belt hoop so you can...

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  • Blair HBT-3 Tuner Blowpipe Mount

    Blair HBT-3 Tuner Blowpipe Mount

    This handy mount positions the Blair HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner onto your blowpipe, freeing up your hands for tuning, and can be attached and removed in seconds.  The mount is made of  up of 2 components - a silicon rubber strap with multiple...

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  • Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner

    Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner

    The Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner features both LCD and Analog meters for precision Pipe Band tuning and is easy to use.Both the LCD and Analog meters provide feedback with excellent detection of drones and chanter, multiple visual feedback options...

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  • Blair Pro Tuner Hard Case

    A stylish durable hard shell case for the Blair HBT-C1 Professional Bagpipe Tuner to keep it safe. It also features a mesh pocket to store tuning tape, spare drone reeds and batteries or those other small items that you need to keep handy.

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  • Blair Dynamic Microphone

    Blair Dynamic Microphone

    This tiny dynamic microphone connects to the Blair Professional Tuner and HBT2 Tuner & Metronome.The small size is easy to manage compared to larger microphones, no battery is required and there’s a lengthy 3m lead included.At only 115mm...

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  • Korg Micrometro

    Korg Micrometro

    Meet the new Korg Micrometro, the compact yet serious personal clip-on metronome.The Micrometro Digital Metronome packs high-precision Korg metronome features into a compact body. The Micrometro's clip-on design lets you easily enjoy rhythm training...

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  • Korg CM-200 Contact Microphone

    The Korg CM-200 Contact Microphone detects the instruments tone and sends the signal directly to the tuner.The CM-200 contact microphone is a beneficial add-on for any tuner that offers an audio input jack. The clip-on mic senses vibration and transmits...

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  • Blair Bagpipe Clip Sensor Microphone

    The Bagpipe Clip Sensor Microphone by Murray Blair is ideal when tuning up your bagpipe chanter and drones while you are in a noisy situation.The Clip-On Microphone for Bagpipes is uniquely designed to conform to the curvature of the bagpipe drones and...

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  • Blair IPhone/IPad Clip Microphone Adapter

    Blair IPhone/IPad Clip Microphone Adapter

    The Blair IPhone/IPad Clip Microphone Adapter allows your device to accept an external input such as the HBT Clip microphone for tuning in noisy environments, or if you prefer to use so your hands are free for adjustments. The ultra-low noise...

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