• Black Chanter Tape

    Black Chanter Tape

    Chanter tape is used for covering holes on pipe chanters to adjust pitch. This is a non-slip chanter tape that does not peel or fray. Additionally the quality of the adhesive allows for re-application of the tape and leaves no residue on the chanter. The...

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  • Impact Noise Reducers

    Impact Noise Reducers

    Premium silicone earplugs with an internal diaphragm design. •Improves listening pleasure •Reduces discomfort from loud impact music •Internal diaphragm blocks loud impulse sounds •Eliminates "plugged-up" feeling

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  • In-Line Drone Valves

    In-Line Drone Valves

    In-Line Drone valves are functional with the Ross Canister System (shortening of the Ross tubes may be necessary). The valves come with an allen wrench for adjustments. Valves help with strike-ins and cut-offs. These also help regulate air flow to the...

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  • Drone Corks

    Drone Corks

    Bagpipe Drone Top Stoppers are an essential part of your pipe box maintenance kit. They are used to shut either one or all of your drones off. This can be handy when you are breaking in a new reed, getting back into playing shape, or turning your set of...

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  • Stock Corks

    Stock Corks

    Bagpipe Stock Stoppers are an essential part of your pipe box maintenance kit. They are used when either seasoning a pipe bag, checking for air tightness or turning your pipe bag into a practice goose. These stock stoppers are made of Rubber so they will...

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  • Thumb Stop

    Thumb Stop

    The Thumb Stop is a must for every beginning piper. It is used to train the thumb on your left hand to stay directly behind the middle finger. This will help you have the proper finger placement allowing you to play burls, taorluaths, and grace notes...

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  • Piper's Third Hand

    Piper's Third Hand

    This handy device fits easily over your pipe chanter to make tuning your drones easier and more accurate. With the 3rd hand covering the holes normally covered by B, C and D fingers of the bottom hand, simply tune drones and remove the device so you can...

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  • Drone Cord Fasteners Drone Cord Fasteners

    Drone Cord Fasteners

    Drone Cord Fasteners are used to secure and hold pipe cords easily and quickly. This will avoid having to tie drone cords the old fashion way using hemp. Comes in a set of 9 and available in your choice of Blue, Green, Clear, Red or Black.

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