Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous Accessories - Just as the name implies we carry a range of diverse accessories for your bagpipes, designed to enhance your piping experience, from Heated Wristies that warm your hands during inclimate weather, Earplugs to protect your hearing, Dicem Bag Cover Patches to make your pipes more comfortable by keeping them firmly in place while you play, along with Tune Tape, Drone Cord Fasteners, Blowpipes, Blowpipe Valves and Mouthpieces, with more helpful accessories to come.

  • Airstream Manometer

    Airstream Manometer

    NEW AirStream Manometer Teaching pipers to blow steady is no simple feat! The new AirStream Manometer is a helpful tool in doing so.  We have taken an AirStream blowpipe, installed an adapter and measuring gauge to visually show the piper how they...

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  • Bagpipers Heated Wristies

    Bagpipers Heated Wristies

    These fingerless hand warmer gloves are perfect for keeping your fingers warm while playing on a cold day.   Heated Wristies come with an inside pocket that holds a hand warmer (warmer included).  Adult Small or Adult Large sizes only

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  • Goose Adapter Goose Adapter

    Goose Adapter

    The Goose Adapter fits into the bagpipe chanter stock to adapt a practice chanter to the bagpipe. Just remove your drones, cork up the drone stocks, and you have in inexpensive practice goose. This will allow a piper to practice at length without...

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  • Tune Tape by Murray Blair Tune Tape by Murray Blair

    Tune Tape by Murray Blair

    Tunetape Pipe Chanter Tape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tuning the notes on the bagpipe chanter. Tunetape by Murray Blair offers superior resistance to heat, moisture, humidity and cold. It’s designed for tuning notes on a...

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  • Thumb Stop

    Thumb Stop

    The Thumb Stop is a must for every beginning piper. It is used to train the thumb on your lower hand to stay directly behind the middle finger. This will help you have the proper finger placement allowing you to play burls, taorluaths, and grace notes...

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  • Piper's Third Hand

    Piper's Third Hand

    The Piper's Third Hand fits easily over your pipe chanter to make tuning the drones easier and more accurate. With the Piper's Third Hand covering the B,C & D holes of the bottom hand, simply tune the drones and remove the device and start to play, a...

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  • Drone Cord Fasteners Drone Cord Fasteners

    Drone Cord Fasteners

    Drone Cord Fasteners are used to secure and hold pipe cords easily and quickly. This will avoid having to tie drone cords the old fashion way using hemp. Comes in a set of 8 to a pack and available in your choice of Blue, Green, White, Red, Gray or Black.

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