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Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products:

Proper maintenance of your bagpipe is essential to good playing. In this section you will find all of the items a good piper will have in their case.

  • Bandspec Hygiene Spray

    Bandspec Hygiene Spray

    Your bagpipe mouthpiece, pipe bag, drone reeds, reed protector and chanter reed should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of yeast and other harmful pathogens. The BandSpec Bagpipe Hygiene Spray is an effective disinfectant which helps keep...

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  • Tie-In Cord Roll

    Tie-in Cord is a strong waxed nylon cord used for tying bagpipe stocks into the pipe bag.This roll has 500 yards of cord, and can tie in about 17 sets of pipes.

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  • Pure Beeswax

    Pure Beeswax - is a natural beeswax; keeps hemp moisture resistant when applied. Some pipers prefer this wax as it is sticker than regular beeswax. 1.5oz

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  • Double Wax

    Double Wax - is cobblers wax on one side and Bees wax on the other. This way you only need the one wax in your pipe case, and it can be used for two different purposes. A piece of leather to use as a hand grip is included.

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  • Cobbler's Wax

    This product is hand-made according to authentic recipes. Cobbler's wax is a misnomer. Cobblers (repair persons) don't use it. Shoemakers, harness makers, pipe-bag makers, pipers and reed makers all use it, as well as fishing fly tiers. Cobblers' wax...

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  • Plain Yellow Hemp 2oz

    Plain Yellow Hemp 2oz (Non Waxed) - Bagpipe Hemp is a staple for every piper. Hemp is used on all joints of your bagpipe and practice chanter. A roll of hemp is a must in every pipe case. Having your pipes properly hemped is one of the most important...

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  • Waxed Yellow Hemp 2oz

    Waxed Yellow Hemp 2oz will not readily absorb moisture, therefore, will not swell or rot as quickly as non-waxed hemp. Having your pipes hemped-up properly is one of the most important aspects of bagpipe maintenance. It will help with proper tuning,...

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  • Waxed Black Hemp 2oz

    The 2oz Roll of Waxed Black Hemp has a little thicker weave than the yellow waxed hemp, great for building up joints quickly. Waxed Hemp will not readily absorb moisture, therefore, will not swell or rot as quickly as non-waxed hemp. Having your...

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  • Real Cannabis Fiber Bagpipe Hemp

    Real Cannabis Fiber Hemp in unbleached two-ply 25 gram rolls is nearly the same weight, but much stronger and more moisture resistant then the yellow and black linen (cloth) commonly used these days. You can use it dry or coat it with hemp wax, as I do...

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