Blowpipes & Valves


As with a pipe bag, the blowpipe must be the proper fit for you in order to have correct posture when playing. A large diameter bore and a good valve will make your bagpipe much easier to play. We offer a wide selection of Blowpipes, Valves & Mouthpieces.

Blowpipe Length Guide:

Player’s Height Blowpipe Length  
5'- 2" or less 8” or less  
5'- 3" to 5'- 6" 8” – 9”  
5'- 7" to 5'- 8" 9” – 9.5”  
5'- 9" to 5'- 10" 10”  
5'- 11" to 6'- 0” 10” – 11”  
6'- 1" to 6'- 4” 11”  
6'- 5" or more 12”
  • Big Mac Valve

    Big Mac Valve

    The "Big Mac" Valve is the big brother to the "Little Mac." This valve serves multiple functions, as a one-way valve, a water trap and air redirect. The Big Mac inserts into the bottom of the blowpipe stock (via zippered bag) and features an Airstream...

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  • Blowpipe 1" Extension

    Blowpipe 1" Extension

    If your blowpipe is too short here is an inexpensive fix, the Blowpipe 1" extension. You can add more than one together, with each extension adding 1" inch to the blowpipes length. Easy to install, just thread it into place.

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  • Moose Valve

    Moose Valve

    The Moose Valve is a valve that fits inside the blowpipe stock, installed by inserting the valve through the top of the blowpipe stock, then tightening it into position. It does not require any modification to the stock, as the valve is installed from...

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  • Mouthpiece Protectors (Black Latex)

    Mouthpiece Protectors (Black Latex)

    Mouthpiece Protectors come 2 in a pack, they fit onto your practice or bagpipe mouthpiece, gives a more comfortable and airtight seal. Fits oval and regular mouthpieces. The soft rubber helps protect your blowpipe and your teeth. 

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  • Ross Blowpipe Valve

    Ross Blowpipe Valve

    The Ross Blowpipe Valve is a very quiet, reliable, and effective blowpipe valve and water trap.It is extremely easy to install using the supplied tool, which can also be used to extract the valve for cleaning.

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  • Little Mac Valve

    Little Mac Valve

    Keeping the bag full and providing a constant pressure for steady blowing is hard enough when playing your bagpipe, so you don't need the added worry and aggravation of a wasteful air leak through your mouthpiece. This can be totally eliminated when you...

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  • Little Mac Flapper Valve

    Little Mac Flapper Valve

      Even though the Little Mac Flapper valves do last a long time, they will need replacing every once in a while, so it's a good idea to always have a spare valve in your maintenance kit.

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  • Blowpipe Valve

    Blowpipe Valve

    The synthetic rubber flapper on this replacement blowpipe valve is on a crimped tab that prevents slipping after the valve is hemped in. This flapper valve is easy to install, will not constrict your blowing and will give you years of trouble free...

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  • Standard Bagpipe Mouthpiece (Round)

    Standard Bagpipe Mouthpiece (Round)

    The Standard Bagpipe Mouthpiece (Round) are available in lengths from 3" to 6", they allow you to alter the length of your blowpipe without having to buy a new blowpipe. These mouthpieces are made from a strong plastic and will fit onto most blowpipes...

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  • Airstream Oval Mouthpiece

    Airstream Oval Mouthpiece

    The Airstream Oval Mouthpiece is the same mouthpiece that comes standard on all Airstream blowpipes. It has an oval shape, allowing more airflow to your pipe bag. This is essential for the large bore blowpipes, as the bore size will not matter if the...

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