Blowpipe Valves

Even though blowpipe valves will last a long time, it's a good idea to keep an extra one in your pipe case.

  • Moose Valve

    The Moose Valve is a valve that fits inside the blowpipe stock, installed by inserting the valve through the top of the blowpipe stock, then tightening it into position. It does not require any modification to the stock, as the valve is installed from...

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  • Big Mac Valve With Water Tube

    Big Mac Valve With Water Tube

    The Big Mac Valve with Water Tube performs two functions, first it removes moisture as the stem on the top forms a well for moisture to accumulate, this can then be drained by tipping the blowpipe stock, any moisture that is missed by the stem...

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  • Little Mac Valve

    Little Mac Valve

    Keeping the bag full and providing a constant pressure for steady blowing is hard enough when playing your bagpipe, so you don't need the added worry and aggravation of a wasteful air leak through your mouthpiece. This can be totally eliminated when you...

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  • Rubber Blowpipe Flapper Valve

    Rubber Blowpipe Flapper Valve

    The Rubber Flapper on this replacement Blowpipe Valve is on a crimped tab that prevents slipping after the valve is hemped in. This flapper valve is easy to install, will not constrict your blowing and will give you years of trouble free operation. This...

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