Bagpipe Cases

Protect your Bagpipes, Smallpipes or Practice Chanter from scratches and other miscellaneous damage by safely storing or transporting your instrument to gigs or practices with one of our stylish and convenient Bagpipe Cases.

  • Bagpipeskin Piper Case (New Hedgehog Design)

    Bagpipeskin Piper Case (New Hedgehog Design)

    The Bagpipeskin Piper Case (New Hedgehog Design) is the 3rd edition of this case, the first was the Kyole, next was the Deer and now best of all the Hedgehog, each one has improved on the model before. The Hedgehog features a black case with red trim,...

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  • McCallum Bagpiper Case

    McCallum Bagpiper Case

    The McCallum Bagpiper case is specifically made for the demands of modern pipers. It's design offers multiple carrying positions, loads of storage and is simply stylish, it's compact design is ultra convenient and offers safe storage for your instrument...

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  • Smallpipe Soft Case

    The Soft Sided Case for Small Pipes is an affordable way to protect your small pipes. This case is made from a padded nylon material with a heavy duty zipper. The case measures 21.5" X 9.5". A case for your small pipes is a great way to protect them when...

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  • Deluxe Padded Practice Chanter Case

    Deluxe Padded Practice Chanter Case - 22.5" long by 4" wide, this soft padded case holds both the standard or the long length practice chanter. A case for your practice chanter is always a good idea especially when traveling. Using a case will help...

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