Bagpipe Cases

  • Bagpipeskin Case

    Bagpipeskin Case

    - YKK zip  - Durable "Hypalon" handle - Comfortable Backpack Straps - Ergonomic Pad for comfortable travel - Removable front pouch for all your accessories - Side strap Protection - Hard plastic structure to avoid damage...

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  • Bag-Piper Case Bag-Piper Case

    Bag-Piper Case

    Now including a pipe chanter tube. The Bagpiper case is specifically made for the demands of modern pipers. It's design offers multiple carrying positions, loads of storage and is simply stylish, it's compact design is ultra convient and offers safe...

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  • Smallpipe Soft Case

    Smallpipe Soft Case

    This padded nylon soft case is an affordable way to protect your small pipes. A case for your set of smallpipes is a great way to protect them when they are not in use. This case will fit most types of smallpipes, including shuttle pipes, kitchen pipes...

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  • Soft Practice Chanter Case

    Soft Practice Chanter Case

    A case for your practice chanter is always a good idea especially when you are traveling. Using a case will help protect against scratches and other damage that may occur in transport. This case is made from a padded nylon material with a Velcro fastener...

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